E.I. Markos Manolopulos Rooks

Architect - Chief Executive Officer

University G.d’Annunzio (IT)

Constantine Kalentis

Senior Project Manager

Harvard University
University of York
Baker College

Dimitris (K) Karagiannis

EU Project Manager

University of Patras (GR)
PhD cand., Business Administration
The University of Huddersfield (UK)

Kirsten Mayer

Landscape Architect

F.H.Nuertingen (DE)

George Karameros

Civil Engineer

University of Patras (GR)

John Giannakopoulos

Financial & accounting Communications Manager

T.E.I. of Western Greece (GR)

Haralampos Pavlopoulos


Τ.Ε.Ι. Of Athens (GR)

Nikias Batsoulis

Mechanical Engineer

University of Western Macedonia (GR)

Aristea Apostolopoulou

Economist Financial Accountant

University of Patras (GR)

Christos Vasilopoulos

Economist Financial Accountant

University of Piraeus (GR)

Kostas Dimakopoulos

Civil Engineer - Energy Inspector

N.T.U. of Civil Engineering of Athens (GR)

Anna Anyfanti

BA in English Literature - Author

Univesity of Bath (UK)

Dr. Alioska Alexia Marinopoulos

Attorney at Law

University of J. W. Goethe Frankfurt (DE)
University of Sydney USYD (AU)

Kalivas Law Firm

University of Athens (GR)
Panteio University of Athens (GR)
University of Komotini (GR)

White Studio Photography

Photographer Team

Gerasimos Stoumpanos

Real Estate Agent