Elis has become a major tourist attraction year round owing to its Mediterranean climate. During the Olympic Games it receives international media attention. Laws such as 3894/ 2010 along with its amendments, incorporated in Law 4072/ 2012 and Law 4146/ 2013 have simplified procedures and funding from the European Union and ETEAN can now facilitate the international investor.

The Land of Olympia, the Destination for Investment

  • Breathtaking sceneries
  • Natural resources
  • History and tradition
  • 300 sunshine days in the year
  • 100 Km of sandy coastline
  • The port of Katakolo came in fifth place on the list of top 10 Greek cruise destinations in 2017
  • The port of Kyllini connects the Land of Olympia to all Ionian Sea Islands
  • Accessibility from major European cities
  • Health Care facilities
  • Well- educated and specialised human resources
  • The best financial incentive in Europe
  • Year round operation
  • Unmet demand

Coastal Investment

Countryside Investment


Elis Region, the western part of the Peloponnese peninsula with access to major European cities, via Araxos & Kalamata airports.
The port of Katakolo came in fifth place on the list of top 10 Greek cruise destinations in 2017. The port of Kyllini connects the Land of Olympia to all Ionian Sea Islands

Natural & Human Resources

The region of Elis boasts a cornucopia of year- round fresh produce with major exports to the Northern Europe. The land is fertile and well known for its extra virgin olive oil and savoury wine. There are cultural as well as traditional festivities and events, both historical and religious, while the local gastronomy soars to an average of six hundred dishes. With highly educated and multilingual human resources the international investor is sure to be spoilt for choice.

Funding Schemes

The international investor is entitled to funding by the following EU programmes:

Our Service

OlympiaLand is aiming at providing the best of services to the investor. Our team includes different departments to assist draft, plan, accelerate and materialise the best investment project for your budget. Our services include:

  • Consultancy upon investor investigation
  • Capital value and business assessment
  • Custom made business proposal
  • Business plan
  • Full financial analysis of cost
  • Proposal for investment location (zoning, coastline, archaeological restrictions analysis)
  • Project management
  • Financing Scheme dossier
  • Building design
  • Construction
  • Time Frame for total operation of investment
  • Energy efficiency plan for prospective facility
  • Surrounding area projects and landscaping plan
  • Legal consultancy services
  • Equipment supply and installation
  • Personnel employment recruitment
  • Security systems
  • Patent and innovation consultancy

Select your investment project:

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Investment Sectors

We offer investment options in tourism, as our area is finely located to offer the optimum holiday experience to all target groups. We design custom made venture proposals as well as professional business plans for all kinds of investments. We have experience in developing resorts, sport facilities, agrotourism plans, spas and thalassotherapy venues.

Integrated Resorts

There are three world renowned integrated resorts in Elis and other locally owned small hotels or room rentals. Elis has become a major tourist attraction year round owing to its Mediterranean climate. During the Olympic Games it receives international media attention. As Greece transforms into an investment destination, the need for resort accommodation becomes imperative. The already existing resort amenities with spas, water sports, conference halls, island tours and villas fail to meet the increasing demand. Developers are certain to find unique seaside or mountainous areas as well as acres of untouched land close to hot springs.

Thematic Tourism

Thematic tourism is the optimal investment plan as it may operate twelve month round, targeting at the adherent of a specific background. Such include:


Elis boasts a unique ecosystem for ecotourism experiences. From canyons to moors, caves to hot springs, plateaus to waterfalls, beaches to valleys, the area abounds in wildlife, forests and an abundance of agricultural areas and products. The Greek government supports an array of schemes with attractive incentives for investment in this field.


Agrotourism is gaining ground as an alternative holiday experience due to the area’s fertility and, therefore, cornucopia of agricultural products. Strawberries, grape harvest and wine making, the picking of olives and oil making, water melons, orange and lemon picking, wild vegetable gathering, potatoes, sultana, vinegar are some of the many products and practices that have made Elis famous. The lifestyle of the farmers simple and traditional, the works around the farm an endless fest with traditions alive to this day. Investment in this area with hands- on experience of traditional Greek life, local gastronomy and perhaps resort facilities, would surely be the ingredients to a success story.

Sport tourism

The birthplace of the Olympic games is the only place for sports to be taken literally. Elis caters for all kinds of sports. Canoeing and kayaking in Lousios River, all water sports at Ionian sea, cycling, trekking, tennis and golf and even alpine skiing only about a couple of hours away. Equestrian sports, angling, archery and shooting, beach volleyball are but some of the choices the tourist can be spoilt for.

Health tourism

The World Healthcare Organisation ranks the Greek healthcare system in the fourteenth place in the global 191 countries. Patients travel to Greece for healthcare issues for its recuperative environment and cost saving practices. The Greek doctors study at European and American universities whereas Greek nurses are sought for by many countries.

Some of the medical services Elis can offer are cosmetic surgery, rehab centres, fertility clinics, elderly homes to name but a few healthcare services that can be provided in a resort like environment.

Religious & Culture Tourism

Greece, is known to attract orthodox pilgrimage for it has preserved religious heritage dating back to the fist century. the visitor can visit cave perched monasteries and churches exhibiting masterpieces of Byzantine art. Shrines, religious celebrations, litanies, mosaics and murals. The Greek Easter is known to be the ultimate celebration of the death of Christ and therefore attracts scores of tourists who usually book accommodation at Christmas.

The glorious past of the area has been preserved in its shrines, ancient temples, theatres and stadium. The visitor can marvel at the skilled marble portrayals of the ancient lifestyle and wars on the finely preserved marbles and statues. Ancient Olympia, Ancient Ilida, Epicurus Apollo rotating shrine, all accessible, yet lacking amenities in the nearby places to host visitors. All Elis ancient theatres come to life during the summer period with famous Greek and international actors who endeavour to revive the ancient Greek oratory skills or drama. A magnet for culture lovers, schools and universities the world over.

Thalassotherapy Tourism

As the global demand for products conducive to better health increases, investing in wellness in Elis can only be well grounded. The area abounds in thermal spring water and mud, both rich in minerals and therapeutic elements for major ailments ranging from myoskeletal pains to dermatological conditions, gynecological problems to stress relief. Elis thermal resources are abundant and recognised for their revitalising properties, thus attracting health visitors all year round.
Thalassotherapy is another sector which has been as a tourist attraction by only one highly acclaimed hotel chain in the area. The use of seawater and seaweed are particularly popular and form the major ingredient in many health treatments, thus yielding the investor a range of by products and services. In conjunction with olive oil treatments, local export product, the creation of spas and thalassotheraphy centres located in Elis can boast innovation in this field, cost effective services and, why not, an array of side firms.

Specialised human resources, experienced and multilingual, the appropriate land and climate for development, investor friendly legislature and local variety of resources and natural products make this target market an appealing investment choice.